Burners, Flares, Incinerators

Zeeco is a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial burners, flares incinerators and vapor recovery units for the petroleum, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries world wide.
Zeeco’s modern 193 acre facility houses one of the industry’s largest and most comprehensive Combustion Research and Testing Facilities.

Thanks to Zeeco’s team of expert engineers with years of hands-on experience in the design and operation of complex combustion and pollution control equipment, Zeeco technology continues to surpass the performance of industrial burner, flare and incinerator equipment already on the market, and sets the standard for the next generation of burners, flares, incinerators and combustion systems.

Zeeco is flexible enough to provide personalized attention to each customer whether the customer requires a small replacement part or a complex multi-million dollar combustion system.

Zeeco company products and capabilities presentation

Zeeco company products and capabilities presentation