Niraeus® Acoustics cleaning systems

Nirafon Eurosud SRL, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of advanced technology components; has exclusive licenses and patents for high-tech products destined for leading clients involved in the fields of Power Generation, Waste to Energy, Chemical and Petrochemical, Smelting, Cements and Ceramics, Food, etc.
On all these Industrial sectors the company’s attention is focused on the segment which is taking care of Energy Saving, the environmental impact and the development of most modern technologies, wherever exhaust and fluegases cause annoying problems of deposits and heat transfer problems.
Committed to the quality of its products and services, the company with its established track record, proven technologies and accumulated experience, is capable of delivering custom built solutions backed by its extensive marketing and after sales network.
Throughout its operational activity, the company has successfully introduced its Niraeus® Acoustic Cleaning Systems to numerous reputed customers and has become one of the leading players in this niche technology.

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