Pure Water Heat Exchangers & Generators for Pharmaceutical Service

A.C.M. Specializes in the fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Superheaters and heat Exchangers for complex applications.


The A.C.M. approach is based on a qualified team, where each and every member devotes his skills and know-how to satisfying the customer.

A.C.M.’s professional and pragmatic approach has enabled the company to set up long-lasting, trust based relationships with the most demanding customers.


The boilermaking trade is undergoing constant change, requiring everyone involved to question their role. A.C.M. by keeping abreast of technological changes, has succeeded in keeping up to date with the most modern techniques. While constantly investing in the most modern manufacturing and product management tools, A.C.M. has positioned itself in the technological forefront of the boilermaking trade producing all kinds of equipment for the most demanding industries: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Nuclear etc.

A.C.M. manufactures a complete range of Shell & Tube as well as Plate Heat Exchangers for the Pharmaceutical industries.

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Heat Exchangers for Pharmaceutical Industries
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