Fabric Expansion Joints, High Temperature for Ducts & Process Systems

Originally, steel expansion joints were used to absorb movement. With development of synthetic fibres, it was possible to make a flexible connector which permitted movement in all directions.
In 1967, Korema® established a new company specializing in the manufacture of ecologically beneficial expansion joints.
Korema® was the first in using acid resistant mineral fiber cloths (not glass fiber) which were patented in 1970.
Additional patents have been granted both in Germany and worldwide. Korema®’s objective is the manufacture of high quality non-asbestos expansion joints for all temperatures. Today, Korema® flexible expansion joints are identified as a trademark for proven quality worldwide.
Intensive research and development has kept Korema® at the cutting edge of material design and application technology. As a result Korema® can offer a technical solution with top grade materials for almost any application.
Korema®’s developmental improvements include trend setting, environmentally friendly materials such as the patented SIMIFLON® and ELTROFLON®.
The Korema® fabric expansion joint is an essential part of any modern production facility.
Korema® ’s expertise for over 40 years of manufacturing experience are customer’s guarantee of the best solution.

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