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Koch-Otto York® Separations Technology, a business group of Koch-Glitsch, LP, provides mist elimination equipment for gas-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation, as well as vapor flow conditioning devices, for a broad base of industries including chlor-alkali, gas transmission, indoor air quality, petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, refining, and sulfuric acid.
Koch-Otto York® offer a complete line of products including wire mesh, coalescers, fiberbeds, chevrons, cyclones, and gas distribution devices for applications such as absorption towers, scrubbers, knockout drums, evaporators, pollution control, and general mist elimination. Products are available in a wide range of metals, plastics, thermoplastics, and fiber-reinforced plastics.
From design to fabrication, installation, startup, and customer service, Koch-Otto York, through it’s global network of offices, offers one-stop shopping for customer’s separation requirements

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