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Industrial Filters, Reactor Internals, and Water Well Screens

Since 1904 Johnson Screens® has been the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial filters and water well screens. Johnson Screens stainless steel filters and screens are used in many different processes because their strength, precision and design flexibility provide the best solution for customers filtration needs. Johnson’s filtration systems are custom engineered to optimize screening solutions in refining & petrochemical, mining, water treatment, food and beverage, pulp & paper, surface water, and polyurethane casting.
Johnson’s screens are made by welding a Vee-Wire® on supports. This design provides unique structural strength. The ‘V’ shaped opening allows only two contact points, thus preventing clogging and making cleaning easier. Johnson’s screens can be used for either direct filtration (solid/fluid, solid/gas separation) or as a media support (sand-bed, activated carbon, resins, molecular sieves, catalysts, etc.)
Johnson Screens® designs high-performance screen internals and have developed over the years a wide variety of screen products for media retention and liquid-solid separation, used in many types of vessels, systems and processes.

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