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TCS Leak detection system for airport hydrant systems

Hansaconsult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is an engineering design and consulting firm, which is highly specialized in all aspects of transporting, loading, unloading and storage of liquid products of any type, and is highly specialized in Airport Refuelling Systems.
The Hansaconsult Tightness Control System TCS is the most advanced state-of-the-art leak detection and tightness monitoring system available. It applies the patent protected Pressure-Step-Method, which compensates for changes in temperature without temperature measurement. It can detect leaks as small as .004 percent of the pipeline volume within a 45 minutes test. The Tightness Control System TCS can be easily installed on both, existing and new pipeline systems. It is in use at major airports throughout the world.
The Hansaconsult Kleopatra simulation tool is offered to Plant and System Operators, Government Authorities and Insurance Companies, along with anyone who deals with the transport of liquids in pipelines who can all benefit from the use of Kleopatra. This simulation tool offers a unique look into all hydraulic systems where pressure losses, flow rates, pressure shocks or other aspects, can be analyzed with ease.

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