Sanitary Flexible Hoses

ELAFLEX is recognized around the globe as the market leader in supplying the best Aviation fueling hoses and related accessories such as fittings and Nozzles. Aviation fuelling calls for the highest standards of safety, ease of handling, and quality. ELAFLEX has the goal to meet all the challenges in this field by providing "intelligent solutions" together with the well known ELAFLEX outstanding quality.
ELAFLEX also supply top quality lightweight flexible hoses for road + rail tankers, and L.P. gas, as well as hoses and expansion joints for industrial and chemical applications.
Among it’s other products, Elaflex also supply model Polypal Clean Sanitary Hoses with UPE lining for pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Foodstuff applications which can be sterilized at 130Cº, and Solvent-Trix 500 Sanitary hoses with FEP lining for Pharmaceutical, Bio-Chemical and Foodstuff applications, which can be sterilized at 150Cº, as well as a complete line off suitable hose-end fittings for these applications.

Product Documentation

Polypal Clean Sanitary Hose
Solvent-Trix 500 Sanitary Hose
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