Blue 1

AdBlue dispensing systems

Blue 1 is a leading Belgian company that sells AdBlue dispensing systems.
 AdBlue is an additive (Urea Solution) needed for new trucks built to Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards to meet emissions standards and reduce fuel consumption.
 Blue 1 offers a total solution for all Ad Blue applications, from industrial applications to dispense AdBlue for truck fleets, to commercial applications for dispensing AdBlue to trucks in public service stations. Systems can be completely adapted to customer’s needs and wishes. 

Tank units are available with non metrologically certified meters, as well as with certified meters and electronic registers, either with or without temperature compensation.
All systems can be linked to customer’s current automated payment/control system or can be equipped with a controller that can be connected to various back-office systems, making customer’s stock follow-up optimal and transparent.

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Product Documentation

Brochure of commercial product range for Service Stations
Blue 1 C Global Star compact commercial system
Wayne Global Star AdBlue dispenser
Brochure of industrial product range for truck fleets
Blue 1 Eco-Line dispensing system for truck fleets
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