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Quick connect / disconnect Hose Couplings

PT Coupling manufactures and distributes high quality quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts and is the leading manufacturer of cam and groove style hose couplings. P-T continually strive to provide these products at a competitive price, with on time delivery, and with the highest standards of customer service. In October of 2001, P-T Coupling received ISO 9001 Certification.
PT Coupling cam and groove products are solely designed and manufactured in the USA. P-T is subsidiary of Parrish Enterprises Ltd. of Enid, Oklahoma. Within the Parrish group of companies, P-T’s products are produced in foundries owned by Parrish, and machined and assembled by operations owned by Parrish. This includes a single source for stainless steel investment castings located in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

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Basic Standard Cam & Grove Coupling
Reducer Cam & Grove Coupling
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