CP Pumpen

Magnetic drive Pumps: Metallic, Teflon, Ceramic & Teflon Lined Metallic

Since 1948 CP Pumpen AG manufactures qualitatively outstanding centrifugal pumps.

CP Pumpen offer magnetic driven sealless pumps and chemical process pumps with shaft sealing for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and paper industry.


Corrosion, abrasion and particles in liquids are no problem for CP pumps. Next to chemical pumps made of stainless steel and special alloys CP Pumpen offer pumps made of polymeric material and ceramic.


CP Pumpen employees are standing for competent service and individual solutions in consultancy, design, engineering and system layout as well as after sales service, and they are eager to be challenged by the most demanding customer applications.

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Solid PTFE Magnetically coupled Sealless pumps
Ceramic Lined Magnetically coupled Sealless pumps
Metallic Magnetically coupled Sealless pumps
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