Inflatable stoppers for pipe sealing. Flexible storage tanks

Pronal is a major manufacturer of a wide range of elastomeric products including Collapsible Tanks, Inflatable lifting bags, Hydraulic compensators, Pipeline stoppers, and more.
Pronal offer the widest range of Pipeline stoppers on the market.
From standard to made-to-measure: Models for low pressure and high pressure environments (over 100 bar depending on requirements).
A choice of shapes; Cylindrical, ovoid, square …
No size limits: Up to 3,000 mm in diameter, and specific models which comply with particular specifications.
PRONAL inflatable stoppers are used to test pipes for leaks under pressure, to isolate pipes during maintenance operations, and to make temporary seals to avoid run off of toxic products.
Thanks to the materials employed, and the suitability of their design, PRONAL inflatable stoppers are ideal for all types of pipes.

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