Alfons Haar

Valves, Hose reels, Meters, Pumps & Components for Aircraft Refuellers and Dispensers

Alfons Haar Maschinenbau GmbH & Co is a global player in the niche markets for aviation fueling, storage and transport of fuels, chemicals and powder. The governing factor in its activity is the provision of complete systems with a high degree of internally developed and manufactured components. The company targets mechatronic solutions which combine the best of the mechanical and the electronic technology, maximizing value for money for the benefit of the users. Quality is ensured by locally based efficient production facilities for mechanical and electronic components.

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Pneumatic or Hydraulic driven Aluminum Hose Reels
Vane pump with integral Multy-Way valve
PreciMA Measuring Unit for Tank Truck gravity deliveries
PreciTURBO Measuring Unit for Tank Truck gravity deliveries
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